1. Workshop series with LBSNAA on competency-driven engagement launched

    September 2021

    The two day workshop with LBSNAA focused on discussion around competencies and what they means for course providers. With an attendance of 24 participants breakout rooms were used to collaboratibvely identified competency areas, labels, descriptions using their course objectives. The attendees also developed competency proficiency levels and tagged courses to competencies. For a more hands on experience participants explored the competency dictionary on the iGOT platform and attended a demonstration of the platform through a use-case. The workshop concluded with a Q&A session.

  2. Workshop series for IIPA and ISTM on competency-driven engagement launched

    August 2021

    C-LOP kicked off a series of trainings on the competency-driven engagement (C-DE) process with the Indian Institute of Planning and Administration (IIPA). The five-day workshop was designed to assist the institute in identifying the roles and activities required for their positions, and develop the competencies to map to their roles (through the C-DE process). It also aids them in supporting other ministries, departments, and organisations as they go through the C-DE process for their positions, delineating their roles and activities, and mapping their competencies. A similar workshop was conducted with the staff at ISTM.

  3. Pricing Policy paper released

    July 2021

    The Pricing Policy paper details how different competency building products (CBPs) will be priced and procured on the iGOT Karmayogi platform. The document also explains how the many features of the iGOT e-Marketplace fulfil the conditions of efficient public procurement.

  4. Acquisition, engagement and retention strategy papers released

    May 2021

    The acquisition, engagement and retention (AER) papers focus on the onboarding of competency building product (CBP) providers, an information, education and communication strategy for bringing useres on board the iGOT Karmayogi platform, a paper on the need and approach to joint learning and a strategy for the iGOT Karmayogi platform with regards to competencies

  5. Report on marquee competencies released

    March 2021

    The report is divided into two parts with the first containing the initial set of 25 marquee competencies (9 behavioral and 16 functional), the approach used to shortlist these competencies as well as the associated competency building products (CBPs) mapped to these competencies. The second part focuses on developing an additional set of 64 functional competencies, and the approach used to shortlist them.

  6. Updated version of the FRAC approach paper released

    March 2021

    The pre-FRACing process was renamed the competency-driven engagement (C-DE) process, following which the FRAC approach paper was updated. A section in the paper details the recommended steps to be followed for MDOs to develop and tag competencies to their positions, thereby encouraging engagement with the platform.

  7. Developed the Annual Capacity Building Plan

    February 2021

    The Annual Capacity Building Plan is designed as a roadmap for every MDO to plan how they intend to build the execution capacity of their officials. It is predicated on the means, motives, and opportunity (MMO) framework. The final version of this document will be reviewed and approved by the Capacity Building Commission (CBC).

  8. Developed a pre-FRACing course

    January 2021

    The C-LOP team designed and created a course elaborating the Pre-FRAC process. The course was created for all MDOs to understand the various elements in the process and encourage them to take advantage of the offerings on the iGOT Karmayogi platform.

  9. Partnered with Education Initiatives

    December 2020

    C-LOP is collaborating with Education Initiatives to leverage their expertise towards developing a comprehensive course on creating standardised assessments for the iGOT Karmayogi platform.

  10. Redesigned curriculum for Assistant Section Officers

    November 2020

    C-LOP collaborated with the DoPT and ISTM to redesign the foundation training program for ASOs and move towards a competency-based model of learning. The final report shared the findings from the curriculum redesign process and made key recommendations on how the training program can help ASOs gain competencies they need to perform their role effectively.

  11. Developed onboarding in a box toolkit

    November 2020

    The C-LOP team created the OIAB toolkit that describes the technical onboarding process for content providers on the iGOT Karmayogi platform. The toolkit will be the first point of contact for content providers and is designed as a step by step guide to uploading content on the platform. 

  12. Released draft of assessment approach

    October 2020

    Proctored, independent, authorised assessments (PIAAs) are a critical part of the entire iGOT Karmayogi platform. Using PIAA the goal is to establish whether, after completing a course, the learner has actually learnt and moved higher up in competency levels. In doing so, it determines the effectiveness of a particular course and its provider.

  13. Developed engagement score framework

    October 2020

    Engagement scores measure the participant engagement with the platform and has a direct correlation with platform acceptability and subsequent interaction with the platform. The engagement score is calculated by measuring behaviours users exhibit on the platform through their relationship with self, others and the content.

  14. Released draft of FRAC approach paper

    September 2020

    FRAC, or the Framework of Roles, Activities and Competencies as its name denotes, demystifies the roles, activities and competencies a person is required to have so as to effectively deliver on the outcomes expected from them with respect to their current and future positions in government. In doing so, it makes it possible to establish arrangements to test the extent to which a person occupying a position has these competencies and consequently the competency gaps, if any, that should be addressed.

  15. Co-created the content evaluation and quality assurance framework

    August 2020

    The content evaluation and quality assurance framework is a set of tools and recommendations to guide the development of online learning products for the iGOT Karmayogi platform. It aims to help training institutes, content providers and reviewers in creating online learning programmes.

  16. Webinar series on creating and running online courses

    June 2020

    C-LOP in collaboration with J-PAL Global organised a series of webinars through June 2020 for Indian government officers. The Webinar series was intended to support the central training institutes ( CTI's) in creation of world-class modules to meet the training requirements and capacity building of their officers.

  17. Pre- Foundational course for LBSNAA

    February 2020

    The objective of this partnership was to transition of the existing training curriculum to a blended format. This will allow for more interactive forms of learning to take place during class hours of the foundational training program. The team worked with faculty at LBSNAA by offering workshops and webinars to ideate with them through this transition.

  18. C-LOP is launched

    December 2019

    C-LOP is a capacity building initiative for the sustained and targeted learning of government officials. The initiative partners with the Department of Personnel and Training to collaborate with ministries, departments and organisations within governments on competency based training for all Government Officials.