Onboarding in a Box

The Goal

As learning moves online it becomes important to give content providers the tools they need to transition on to such platforms. A comprehensive guide to a platform’s functionality, features and the requirements for eligibility. The Onboarding In A Box (OIAB) toolkit is designed to guide content providers through this process.

The Challenge

The toolkit draws from the iGOT Karmayogi platform which caters to the learning of government officials. It is anticipated that once the platform is launched there will be a surge of traffic from content creators to join the platform and share their learning products. At this time it will be essential to streamline the onboarding to simplify the process while maintaining consistency.

Our Strategy

The C-LOP team created the OIAB toolkit to describe the technical onboarding process for content providers on the iGOT platform. The toolkit will be the first point of contact for content providers and is divided based on the relevant steps.

Before getting started, all users will need to ensure that they complete a prescribed set of steps. These steps include, among others, identifying an officer from the institution who will be the administrator, identifying competency building products (CBPs) like courses, workshops, seminars that can be included on iGOT Karmayogi, building a question bank for the proctored, independent, authorised assessments (PIAA) for competencies the MDOs requires and creating questions for the 360-degree workplace assessment of competencies based on observed behaviour. 

These steps are the bare minimum requirement to become eligible for access to iGOT Karmayogi.

The toolkit breaks down all the roles a user can be assigned on the platform:

  1. Default roles: This provides the user access to all the common site privileges such as access to the home page, knowledge boards, content playlists, etc.
  2. Admin: Assigning this role to a user will make them the superuser with all the roles on the platform. 
  3. Reviewer: Users with this role can review content assigned to them using the course authoring tool.
  4. Publisher:  Users with this role can publish the content assigned to them on the iGOT Karmayogi home page using the course authoring tool.
  5. Editor: Users with this role can edit, review and publish content created by self as well as others.
  6. Content-Creator: Users with this role can create new content using the course authoring tool.

Based on these roles details of all the steps to set up an account, access administrator roles and curate content are given. Once the content creation team is brought on board they can follow the content curation process described in the toolkit to begin adding CBPs. For the first time content creator it is essential that they become used to the platform and the overall content creation process before starting to publish courses for the end user. Hence, it is proposed to practice onboarding of a minimum of two courses on pre-production environment before starting to curate courses on production environment. To make sure that the highest quality content is being uploaded on the platform all content curators need to follow the content curation guidelines.

The toolkit has an exhaustive checklist to make sure all users are aware of the steps for onboarding and how to complete them.