Annual Capacity Building Plan

The Goal

Mission Karmayogi, the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building, aims to bring comprehensive reform to the current capacity building apparatus at individual and institutional levels for efficient public service delivery. It seeks to enhance the execution capacity of the state by building on the capabilities of all civil servants within the Government. The annual capacity building plan is to be prepared by each ministry, department and organisation (MDO) to achieve this vision of Mission Karmayogi. It is an opportunity for every MDO to step back and think deeply about what they will do to be able to build the execution capacity of the MDO as a whole.

The Challenge

Civil servants are an important part of the Indian state – they are both the agents of policymaking and the executive hand that delivers on the ground. Given their crucial role, it has become necessary to centre the discussion around the officials that make up the Indian state and tackle issues of state capacity starting at the level of individual bureaucrats in the system. Mission Karmayogi applies the means, motives, and opportunity (MMO) framework to this conundrum, placing the official at the heart structure.

Our Strategy

The annual capacity building plan will be the roadmap using which every MDO will put forth how they intend to build the capacity of their officials to execute.

The first step is for the MDOs to reduce the intensity of competency gaps of their officials and provide them with the knowledge and skills to perform their job (i.e. means). This will be achieved through a 4 stage process: 

  1. Calculation of competency gaps using competency passbooks (CPs)
  2. Requests for desired competencies
  3. Identification of CBPs by the iGOT Karamyogi Platform
  4. Allocation of a budget by capacity building team (CBT)

The second component of the capacity building plan is incentivising officials at an individual and organisational level (i.e. motives). This component looks at how MDOs will be able to identify the factors that contribute to the motivation and engagement of their officials, and how they will be required to, as part of this plan, devise solutions to tackle the problem areas.

The third step defines how MDOs can create circumstances under which an individual can use both means and motives to deliver (i.e. opportunity).